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"...undeniably a series of small gems tied together by one character in search of answers, it's also a broader meditation on what it means to grow up female in small town America." -Norah Piehl

"Hassman’s creatively-titled, short, free-form chapters are helium-filled imagination fodder, and Hassman takes what could be trite or unbelievable in less-talented hands and makes it entirely the opposite." -Annie Bostrum

Books Matter
"With girlchild—a book that far surpasses most debuts—Hassman reminds readers just how much fiction still can accomplish." -Tiffany Gilbert

The Boston Globe
"And what a difference Tupelo Hassman makes. Hassman ... unfolds a compelling, layered narrative told by a protagonist with a voice so fresh, original, and funny you’ll be in awe. This novel rocks." -Mameve Medwed

On the Rise: Artists to watch in 2012
"If I were back on the staff of my high school yearbook I would vote Tupelo Hassman and her book Most Likely to Go Viral on Goodreads and Most Likely to Succeed in the Eyes of Critics." -Nicole Lamy

Columbia Daily Spectator
M.F.A. Grad's girlchild proves complex, poetic
"With her first novel, girlchild, Columbia M.F.A. graduate Tupelo Hassman proves herself to be a welcome new voice in literary fiction."-Allen Johnson

Corduroy Books
"girlchild is, actually, a fucking great book—the first great book of 2012, for my money." -Weston Cutter


Be Prepared
"Girlchild ... is a devastating commentary on the American class system... Tupelo Hassman’s novel doesn’t seem like fiction at all, but the raw inhumanity of our system. -Charles Larson

The Daily Loaf
The Great American Trailer Park Epic
"It’s a hard road for the first-time novelist. How do you get attention for your writing, unless you’re a serial killer, disgraced politician or a pregnant reality-show sleaze? Of course, there’s also talent. That’s the route Tupelo Hassman is using." -William McKeen

The Free Lance-Star
Young Girl, Amazing Resilience
"This is Hassman's debut novel, and it's a stunner. Here's hoping she goes on to write more that will equal girlchild's charm and bright, burning fire." -Lucia Anderson

The Kirkus Review
"With a compelling (if harrowing) story and a wise-child narrator, Hassman’s debut gives voice—and soul—to a world so often reduced to cliché. A darkly funny and frequently heartbreaking portrait of life as one of America’s have-nots."

The Library Journal (starred review)
"This is a gorgeous first novel, as humorous as it is heartbreaking." -Mara Dabrishus

Los Angeles Review of Books
"Hassman captures the imagination as a place where children flee." -Susan Salter Reynolds

NPR's Fresh Air
Scrappy girlchild Forms a Girl Scout Troop of One 
"It's a testament to Hassman's assurance as a writer that, even though we readers have the option of leaving, we hunker down in that trailer park with Rory for the long dry season of her youth." -Maureen Corrigan

The Nervous Breakdown
"Hassman’s daring debut novel is a joy to read. The rich and dense language, full of surprise, word play, and revelation, makes the book a sensual pleasure, every chapter a prose poem.Hassman takes the classic bildungsroman story arc and shakes it up into a kaleidoscope of gorgeous sensual experience made up of pointy shards that can cut you through." -Sharon Harrigan

The New York Times
Editor's Choice, Sunday Book Review

The Perils of Coming of Age in a Trailer Park
"Ms. Hassman is such a poised storyteller that her prose practically struts. Her words are as elegant as they are fierce. A voice as fresh as hers is so rare that at times I caught myself cheering, and it wasn’t necessarily for the kid." -Susannah Meadows

"Harrowing and lyrical."

"In Hassman's skilled hands, what could have been an unrelenting chronicle of desolation becomes a lovely tribute to the soaring, defiant spirit of a survivor." -Helen Rogan

Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"This debut possesses powerful writing and unflinching clarity."

PW Pick of the Week
"We’re all mightily impressed with Tupelo Hassman’s debut, a weird outsider’s journey into Girl Scouting" -Marc Schultz

The Rumpus
Lit-Link Round-up
"...this debut novel has powerful, messy humanity and dark humor to spare." -Gina Frangello

San Francisco Chronicle

Trailer tale
"The real pleasure of the book comes from following the wisecracking, tough and sensitive Rory as she struggles to survive and escape the sort of life no girl should have to lead." -Michelle Quint

the [tk] review
Reading for Pleasure: Tupelo Hassman' girlchild
"The book straddles the line between art and reality to an uncomfortable degree, and, as in real life, we can’t help but stare as the entire concept of normalcy at the Calle ignites in flames before our eyes... We devour every word, even though each turn of the page only breathes ferocious life into the blaze." -Jennifer N. Kurdyla

Full Stop
with Nika Knight

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A Brief Interview with Tupelo Hassman (with Weston Cutter)

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girlchild: Author Discusses Novel Set in Reno

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Tupelo Hassman: The TNB Self-Interview with Tupelo Hassman

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When Gamblers and Readers Get Together, Anything Can Happen; a Q&A with Tupelo Hassman (with Gabe Habash)

Tupelo Hassman gives birth to a baby girlchild with Amity Bacon

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